Perrysburg tax over collection: School response

Perrysburg tax over collection: School response
(Source: Perrysburg Schools)

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Last week, WTOL 11's Amanda Fay told you about a mistake by the Wood County Auditors office, it meant more than nearly $2 million was collected from Perrysburg property owners for a school levy.

WTOL 11 just got word from the Auditor's Office that a plan is in the works to credit the money on July tax billings. However, we won't know for sure if the state will approve the move until the end of the week.

In the meantime, Amanda sat down with Perrysburg's Superintendent Tuesday to find out how the district is now handling this whole situation.

"It's not like doing the laundry and finding a $20 bill in the washing machine," Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler described.

Superintendent Hosler says the over collection from the Auditor's Office is not money the district can spend now.

"We know that next year there will be a reduction," Superintendent Hosler said. "So we have to set this money aside because next year's collection will not reach the target that we're counting on when we do the budget."

Superintendent Hosler says the district got the first of two tax disbursements from the Auditors Office. He says the plan is to put it in an account only to be used for holding purposes.

Homeowner Dennis Chelminski has been watching this issue closely.

"Putting the dollar amount in a reserve account is a good thing," Chelminski said. "It's fair. It prevents them from spending the funds during the next two years."

Chelminski is one of many property owners asking why it will take two years to get paid back. It's about $122 on a $200,000 home.

Superintendent Hosler says it was the district's first choice for the Auditor's Office to refund the money immediately, but was told that would be costly.

"There were 13,339 properties in the district," Superintendent Hosler explained. "So in order to calculate those changes, they would have to be done by hand, which is very labor intensive."

Chelminski asks why not do the full credit in 2019?

Superintendent Hosler says the decision ultimately lies with the Auditors Office, but requested this approach to make the tax rates more level for taxpayers over two years.

As far as any interest accrued on the reserve account, Superintendent Hosler doesn't believe it will be much and at this point he doesn't know how that money would be spent.

WTOL 11 will continue looking into this situation and will provide updates as they develop.

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