Fostoria students can apply for summer startup funding

Fostoria students can apply for summer startup funding
(Source: WTOL)

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - Junior and Senior High School students in Fostoria have an opportunity to have a small summer business idea funded.

The Student Startup Program is offering Fostoria students from sixth to 12th grade a chance to receive $200 to start or expand a low risk summer money making venture. After applying and filling out a cash flow plan, they will also be available for an additional $100.

The hope is by giving students an opportunity to become their own boss for a summer, it could kindle an entrepreneur spark that could grow in the future.

"Anything could apply. It could be dog walking, window cleaning, babysitting," Small Business Director for the Fostoria Area Chamber of Commerce Sarah Stephens Krupp said. "We have had some really interesting applications thus far. We have a student that has her own slime making business and sells it exclusively online. So, we're excited to see what we can bring forward and what comes up and who we can fund."

For more information on the students startup program here in Fostoria, you can call 419-435-0486 or visit their website.

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