Two weeks out from tax deadline

Two weeks out from tax deadline
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MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - You only have two more weeks to file your taxes before the deadline.

Tax professionals say it's important to double check your social security number, keep a copy of your return after it's filed and check for deductibles you might be missing out on, like child care or tuition.

Amy Merkel with an Accounting firm in Maumee says if you can't get them in by the deadline, make sure to file for an extension.

"If you cant get them filed by then you can get an extension," Merkel explained. "You file form 48-68 to get that extension but you cannot get an extension to pay your taxes. So even if you cannot get your return in on time you do at least need to grab the extension and,then pay whatever tax you think you're going to owe."

The deadline for filing taxes is April 17. There are also other tips and help online, too.

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