FCA, Jeep sales are doing great

FCA, Jeep sales are doing great
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: AP Images)
(Source: AP Images)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Fiat Chrysler is reporting its best March retail sales in 17 years and the Jeep brand, in particular, had its best month of total sales ever.

Sales for the Toledo made Jeep Wrangler were up 70 percent.

Sales for the Cherokee, that used to be made right here in the Glass City, were also up, showing a 63 percent increase.

Dealers here telling us Wranglers aren't lasting long in the showroom.

"People that have bought the Wrangler, they seem to buy it over and over again from the time they're  20 until the time they're 60," Owner of Grogan's Towne Denny Amrhein explained. "They just seem to buy that and I think  getting a little change in there finally I think is really making the market move."

Overall, the Jeep brand was up 45 percent.

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