Money Talks News: Best and worst things to buy in April

Money Talks News: Best and worst things to buy in April
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Money Talks News - Looking for a bargain on everything from TVs to clothes? Here are some of the best and worst things to buy in April.

Every month there are shopping deals, and duds, out at the stores. And every month we turn to Money Talks News partner site Deal News, for the best and worst buys.

First on the April bargain list? Spring clothing. Look for discounts of 15 to 30 percent. But your best deal on clothing will come as no surprise: Winter clothing, where you'll find huge discounts.

Next, Mother's Day sales start in April. Deal News says they've seen as much as 50 percent off women's watches, shoes, handbags, luggage and apparel.

April is also a great month for thrift store shopping, as spring cleaners donate their stuff.

And one more deal to look for: Free food, coffee and desserts abound on tax day, April 17.

Now that you know some of your best deals this month, what about duds?

Three things to avoid buying in April are tools, home appliances and mattresses. That's because you'll find much better deals around Memorial Day when you can find discounts of 30 to 50 percent off.

Shopping by the calendar makes sense because every month there are better deals and worse deals.

However, you can find your best deals every day. Just go to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "Deals."

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