University institute to interview 6 governor candidates

University institute to interview 6 governor candidates

(AP) - A politics institute will conduct a series of interviews with Ohio's six major gubernatorial candidates which will be live-streamed.

The University of Akron's Bliss Institute for Applied Politics says the in-depth interviews are designed to give citizens information they can use ahead of the May 8 primary.

The series kicks off Tuesday and runs through April 11, the day after early voting opens.

Tom Beres, retired senior political correspondent for WKYC-TV, will conduct interviews with four Democrats and two Republicans. He says they'll go beyond "10-second sound bites or the food fight of a debate."

Gerald Austin, director of the university's International Campaign Fellows Program, spearheaded the event. He says the interviews will be live-streamed and archived on the university's YouTube channel , the Institute's Facebook page and WKYC's website .

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