Wood County Humane Society gets money to work cruelty cases

Wood County Humane Society gets money to work cruelty cases

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - It's the largest amount of money ever given to the Wood County Humane Society's cruelty division.

"It does help to keep pets safe within wood county," said Erin Moore, the Wood County Humane Society's shelter manager.

A donation of $32,500 was dedicated directly to animal cruelty. The gr ant from the Wood County Commissioners could make all the difference for animals within the large county.

The humane society has gotten this gr ant for decades, but this year it's more money than ever before.

"Without that fund we would have a hard time providing this service to our community," explained Moore. "Going out and investigating the cruelty, neglect and abandonment calls as well as providing the humane education."

In 2017 the Wood County Humane Society saw 16 new calls to the cruelty division and had an average of 70 follow-up cases a month. Most of those reports come during the coldest and warmest months of the year and are for dogs, cats, and also farm animals. Neighbors are grateful for the funds that help protect animals.

"I think that's incredible," said Molly Savino, a student at Bowling Green State University adopting a cat with her roommate. "I mean, I am really glad they got this funding. I just love animals, I've loved them all my life so to hear that cats will be getting better opportunities or any animals in the shelter makes me very happy."

The funds will help their cruelty agent with equipment, training, and more. While they want to keep animals safe their goal is to help pet owners take better care for their animals, so education will be a big component within their cruelty department.

In 2017 the Wood County Humane Society only had about two to three dozen animals come into the shelter from cruelty cases because they like to keep them in a home if conditions are appropriate.

"Shelter life is stressful," explained Erin Moore, shelter manager. "We try to do the best that we can for the animals in this environment we provide behavior enrichment training opportunities for the animals to get out of the shelter, but at the end of the day being in a home is really the best place for an animal to be."

The humane society says the funds will make a big difference on how they operate in the coming year and they are grateful for the gr ant given by the county.

They also ask if you suspect any cruelty or strange activity that you report it to their officer and don't wait. You can call the shelter at 419-352-7339 or email them at wchsreportcruelty@gmail.com.

While the $32,500 are specific to the cruelty division, leaders said the shelter is always looking for gr ants and donations to fund their other programs to support animals and their owners. Some of those programs include their food assistance program, safe haven program for domestic violence victims, and
trap neuter return program for feral cats.

Wood County Humane Society leaders say if you would like to volunteer at the shelter they are always in need of help. More information about the shelter can be found here.

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