New app connects local farmers to wholesale

New app connects local farmers to wholesale
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new app is helping to connect local food growers and producers to buyers, all with the click of a button.

It's called FreshSpoke.

"What we are doing is simplifying the order, payment and delivery of wholesale orders," said Molly Reams Thompson, Chief Operations Officer for FreshSpoke.

It's all done through an easy to use set of online tools.

"They can hop online they can order right from there and I see what local chef what restaurant owner anyone that would use herbs in the retail industry." said Mike Schiewer, owner of Herbaceous ltd.

The products can be delivered in minutes after the order is placed.

"I'm expecting big things. It's gonna be so helpful for me," said Del Burkholder, owner of Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery in Wauseon.

Theres's benefit for consumers too.

"How consumers benefit, is we also have an app called Local Food Champion and for any buyer who is part of our platform they can have a decal put on their window or front door of the building and it allows consumers to come in and take their smartphone and click on the QR code and find out what farms are being and producers are being represented locally where they are and what products are being purchased from this person," said  said Thompson.

Fowl and Fodder in Toledo highly values locally grown products. The restaurant works with local producers and farmers to provide customers with fresh, quality food.

"You get something that was cut a couple days ago from a farm it's gonna be fantastic," said Scott Bowman, owner of the restaurant.

Toledo Public Schools' Natural Science Technology Center is working to create the next generation of food producers in northwest Ohio.

"We educate the kids on the importance of knowing where our food comes from," said Bryan Ellis, an agriculture educator.

"If everyone in our region spent five dollars a week on local food we would add over three hundred million dollars to our economy and within the time of a year," said Scott Delaney, Regional Ambassador for FreshSpoke.

The app is free for wholesale buyers. It will officially launch across Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan on May 1st.

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