Things to consider when shopping Toys R Us,Babies R Us liquidation sales

Things to consider when shopping Toys R Us,Babies R Us liquidation sales
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - If you have some Toys R US or Babies R Us gift cards in your wallet, you'll want to spend them soon. Stores stop accepting gift cards in two weeks.

If you're looking for great deals in the stores' final months, you may not find many.

There are some things to consider when shopping "Going out of Business Sales."

"It was a ton of work. I was almost in tears because I had to re-do it," said mom-to-be Laura Walling.

She was referring to her gift registry at Babies R Us. Just about a month away from her due date, word that the store was closing, was not what she wanted to hear.

"We panicked. We had to switch our registry over," she said.

Before she did that, many items had already been purchased and she racked up quite a few rewards points. But now, some more bad news.

"You don't get your extra 10 percent off for your registration being complete and we had almost $200 in rewards we don't get to use," said Walling.

The Better Business Bureau said there are some things to consider when you're hitting up going out of business sales.

They're run by special liquidation companies and many rules apply. For instance, items like diapers, wipes and formula, won't be discounted at all. Discounts on other items are modest, at first.

Customers like Alicia Langhals are finding, "Mostly 10% off and 20% off."

"Still kind of waiting it out and I think it's a little early yet," said Langhals.

The BBB said even when discounts go a little deeper, they may still not be a good deal. The BBB added that when you're heading into a liquidation sale, you should always bring your smartphone and download a price comparison app, so you can make you're getting the best price.

Also keep in mind, all sales are final and warranties must come only from the manufacturer. So the BBB recommends not buying an item that might require technical advice or service.

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