Stores prepare for Walleye fishing

Stores prepare for Walleye fishing
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Fishermen all over the area are headed out to the Maumee River for this year's Walleye Run.

Experts said the water temperature is perfect for spawning, so now's the time to get out there.

Those who love to fish are allowed to catch four walleye daily in March and April.

"The Maumee river originates in Fort Wayne Indiana they got some rain the other day and the water finally made its way to us, so the river level has come up a little bit which is good for fishing. There will be a lot of guys out there," explained Mario Campos, the owner of Maumee Bait and Tackle.

Experts said that anyone who is interested in giving this a shot should be careful of their surroundings. Things can change quickly.

They also advise to dress warm.

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