Trump touts infrastructure plan in Richfield

Trump touts infrastructure plan in Richfield
(Source: WTOL)

CLEVELAND (WTOL) - President Donald Trump paid a visit to northeast Ohio Thursday to tout his infrastructure plan to hundreds of operating engineers at Local 18 Richfield Training Facility.

Trump said there's no better place to begin a campaign for better infrastructure than than right here in Ohio.

"I mean, that's what we need," said Deb Makowski, with Local 18. "As you can see all of our roads and bridges everything is just a mess."

"I think he spoke very greatly about our country and what needs to be done to correct the problems that we've had, and in all for Donald Trump and I have been for years," said Lee Schoenmeyer, operating engineer with Local 18.

Trump's plan includes using $200 billion in federal money to leverage $1 trillion in state, local and private funds to fix US roads, bridges, highways, airports and water plants.

His infrastructure plan was announced officially in February.

Trump says his plan will create 400,000 new infrastructure jobs almost immediately.

"We need to get it going on because bridges and highways are in bad shape," said Rick Williams, CFO of Beaver Excavating Company.

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