Perrysburg homeowners react to over-collection of Perrysburg Schools levy

Perrysburg homeowners react to over-collection of Perrysburg Schools levy

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - WTOL 11 reported earlier this week about a near $2 million mistake in Wood County. It meant that people who own property in the Perrysburg school district, were taxed too much for a Perrysburg school levy.

Property owners are now looking for answers.

"This is our money and we deserve to know more about how it's going to be handled in a more appropriate way," said Perrysburg homeowner Dennis Chelminski.

When Chelminski first learned about an over-collection in a Perrysburg school levy, he had a lot of questions.

"How does something like that happen?" he asked.

The Wood County Auditor's office is taking responsibility for the mistake.

Property revaluations last year resulted in an increase in values across the board. That should have triggered a reduction in the millage for the levy to collect the $13 million as approved by voters, but it didn't.

The Auditor's Office admitted that someone should have double checked.

"It seems kind of careless." Perrysburg homeowner, Corliss Walker said. "You'd think that those types of cross-checking would be already be in place because all types of things can happen if they're not really looking at it."

The solution is to reduce tax bills in 2019 and 2020.

"They're going to return the money. That's good," says Walker.

Here's the kicker: Property owners who paid the higher taxes, but since sold their properties, will not get credited. The new owners will. It's hard to tell how many people this impacts, but a quick Zillow search shows 500 homes were sold in Perrysburg over the past 12 months.

"It's not the right thing to do," said Chelminski.

Chelminski is also concerned about how the district will handle this mix up.

"Are they gonna put it in an escrow account? I got a feeling that someone's gonna spend the money and then in another year or two, once they've spent it, now you need more," he added.

The Auditor's Office said it was the school district's request to credit property owners over the course of two years.

WTOL 11 is working to learn why and how the district is adjusting its budget, but officials are out of  the office on spring break.

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