Cleveland Browns executives speak to University of Findlay students

Cleveland Browns executives speak to University of Findlay students
(Source: Twitter - Jon Monk)

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - On Wednesday, students at the University of Findlay got to meet and listen to executives from the Cleveland Browns today on topics about big business workplace.

Since 2015, The Cleveland Browns Edge Program has been in a partnership with the University of Findlay to connect students with volunteer opportunities, internships, scholarships and networking.

A wide range of different majors can gain hands on experience with the NFL organization, from marketing and business, to sports and event management.

"You know, coming to college, I was like 'Oh, okay.' You see the head coach, and you see the athletic trainers and stuff, but you don't see everyone else, they don't get that TV time, they're just the ones behind the scenes doing all of the grunt work and stuff," Jacob Hanzlik, a UF junior Sports and Event Management major who recently interned with the Browns said.

Wednesday's breakout sessions had student discuss topics with 10 different executives and employees from all different departments. And if these students end up interning in Cleveland, they can gain special experience of working for a large corporation that is constantly in the public eye.

"It is a different industry, you're not going to get that if you work outside of sports," Bridget Kakos, Director of Corporate Partnership Activation with the Cleveland Browns said. "So, that is something that we also teach them too, the way you present yourself. You're going to be around a lot of public relations PR, reporters, and players. And how you represent yourself in that atmosphere, because a lot of people are watching The Browns at that point."

The Edge Program offers both full time internships and summer training camp internships.

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