Perrysburg Schools releases statement on tax over-collection

Perrysburg Schools releases statement on tax over-collection
(Source: Perrysburg Schools)

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Perrysburg homeowners, you'll be getting some money back.

The Wood County Auditor's office said too much money was collected from property owners last year for the school levy passed in November of 2016.

The county collected $1.9 million more than it was supposed to.

Here's how it breaks down, a $200,000 home was taxed about $122 more than was approved by the voters.

Property owners will be paid back on tax bills distributed in 2019 and 2020.

On Friday afternoon, Perrysburg Schools reacted to the over-collection.

According to their statement, the Auditor's Office did not adjust the millage rate from last year even though the community had grown.

As a result, more taxes were collected than the $13 million dollars that voters approved for a school levy in 2016.

Using last year's rates $14.9 mills were collected.

The incorrect calculation was discovered after tax bills had already been distributed by the Wood County Auditor's Office.

The school district also addressed what would happen with the excess money saying in part, ""No additional spending has or will occur because of this collection error. The Board of Education is currently considering a Reserve Balance Account which could provide a way to set the over-collection aside within the General Fund until collections are smoothed out."

The complete statement can be seen on Perrysburg School's website.

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