Road goes decades without needed pothole repair

Road goes decades without needed pothole repair

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Potholes. It's likely you've had to deal with them on the roads near your home or work. At one spot in our area, neighbors say it's needed repairs for upward of 20 years.

At the point where the road is clearly marked to say that you're now leaving Toledo, it is also clear that road maintenance stops as well, and civilization seems to end. Residents say that rather than risk it, most people drive all the way around to avoid damaging their vehicles.

Bob Sanders, a Toledo resident, called WTOL 11 because he feels he's run out of resources.

"I was coming home with an older trailer I had and I couldn't get down that way," Sanders said. "They had it blocked, so I went all the way around and come through a couple times and I decided, well, I've got to get in here, so I come through there very, very slow, and it bounced everywhere. The trailer did and everything. I got it back in the driveway, went inside, and the door, the hinges on the refrigerator door in my RV, had snapped."

West State Line Road is a less traveled through street between Lewis and Telegraph. Approaching the intersection at Telegraph is where it gets treacherous.

"Wait, it's not the city's responsibility," Sanders said. "They can't take care of the streets they've got, let alone, somebody else's responsibility, too."

Sanders says he's spoken with county officials face-to-face over the years on multiple occasions. They have acknowledged that the road is their responsibility and does need to be fixed, but he has yet to see any action.

WTOL 11 has reached out to County engineers, but they have not gotten back to us.

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