Community responds to James Worley's guilty verdict

Community responds to James Worley's guilty verdict
(Source: WTOL)
Sierah Joughin (Source: Justice for Sierah Facebook page)
Sierah Joughin (Source: Justice for Sierah Facebook page)

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - It was an emotional day for family and friends of Sierah Joughin as they heard the verdict in the capital murder case Tuesday.

Not only was it difficult for those inside the courthouse, but also those living in the community. Several neighbors say they were relieved to hear the guilty verdict and have been calling for justice for Sierah from the start.

"Today, actually, when we found out the verdict we had it on our phones and we were all watching it here," Christine Brick, owner of the Barn Restaurant in Delta explained Tuesday. "It's a great day, a great day."

Several community members say they sat watching the verdict streamed live. They were all grateful for the guilty ruling.

"He was found guilty and I think that's what he deserved," Carolyn Leitner of Delta said. "There's no way he's innocent."

"It made me happy because she deserves justice," Chelsea Navarro, another Delta resident, said. "I mean her family deserves peace that's where it's at."

"Yeah," Reagyn Price, a Delta resident, added. "It will be refreshing once they get to sentencing."

"I got chills," Brick explained. "It's just a lot of people thought and figured he was guilty and he's been proven guilty and now he should have to pay."

Back in July of 2016 when police found Sierah's body, community members say it was a sad and terrifying day. One that has stuck with them.

"It was scary, it was definitely scary to know that you can't even ride your bike home anymore without having somebody take you, really," Navarro described.

"Yeah," Price added. "I stopped my running around town and just stayed home."

"That's just a great feeling that people like him aren't out there, out on the streets harassing people," Braden Risner, a Delta resident said. "And I'm glad that Sierah's going to get her justice for it."

While James Worley was found guilty of all 19 counts, the case isn't over and community members are hoping for strict punishment.

"I would like to see the death penalty, but at the same time I don't think that will happen," Leitner explained.

"I want to see him pay," Brick stated. "I think he should get the death penalty."

Community members say they want to keep Sierah Joughin's memory alive and believe that happens as they fight for Sierah's Law.

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