The People vs. James Worley: Break down of Tuesday's guilty verdict

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The show of support for Sierah is everywhere. Decals on cars and trucks with the words: We Love You Sierah.

The guilty verdict of James Worley Tuesday is the beginning of closure for her family.

The Honorable Jeffrey Robinson read back each count to the jury one by one, seeking their verbal confirmation and raising a hand to confirm each guilty verdict.

James Worley, guilty for killing Sierah Joughin, on all 19 counts ranging from kidnapping, abduction, to murder.

When the judge read aloud this count, some of Sierah Joughin's loved ones began sobbing.

"We find the defendant guilty of the offense of murder," Honorable Judge Jeffrey Robinson said.

This verdict capping an intense day of jury deliberations, nearly a month of this capital murder trial and year and half since Sierah's disappearance on July 19, 2016.

A show of purple as Sierah's loved ones wore her favorite color. An uncle putting words to their grief and relief.

"Our hope during the painful process was to find justice for Sierah. Justice for her murder. Justice for our family. And justice for the amazing community all of us live in," Sierah's uncle Howard Ice said. "I want to express to you how pleased we are that justice has been served today. And this murdered was found guilty on all counts."

In the courtroom, tears and other emotions from everyone except James Worley.

He remained stone-faced as he heard the jury's verdict and the four options during the upcoming sentencing phase: A death sentence, life in prison, life in prison with a possibility of parole at 25 or 30 years.

"You will need to make a determination about whether or not if the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the aggravating factors outweigh the mitigating factors," Judge Robinson said. "If you do so, you will be required to give the death sentence to the defendant."

With a guilty verdict behind them and the sentencing ahead, the family inches towards their quest to get justice for Sierah.

The jury is on recess until Monday after Easter Sunday when they begin the sentencing.

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