Money Talks News: The complete guide to moving

Money Talks News: The complete guide to moving
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Money Talks News - One thing very few of us look forward to: Moving. According to the census bureau, every year more than 36 million Americans do it.

"Moving itself isn't my favorite thing to do," Britt Lanier from Two Men and a Truck said. "I don't think it's anyone's favorite thing to do."

What do studies say is as stressful as having a baby or getting married? Moving.

35 million Americans do it every year, and it's likely that 35 million Americans hate it. But there are simple steps you can take that are going to reduce both your stress and your expense.

Step one: Start early and be flexible. Think off-season and off-peak.

"You want to try to move in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month and when the kids are in school," Lanier said.

Step two: Ruthlessly rid yourself of everything you don't need. Don't pay more to move something than it's worth.

Ready to hire that mover? Not yet. First, go to the Protect Your Move website and read about what to expect, including red flags for moving fraud.

After you do that, now you're ready for estimates: Three at least. Pit movers against each other to get the best deal, but read all the fine print. Make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

Another way you can save is getting free boxes, but make sure they're quality. You can check places like Craigslist and FreeCycle, but you can also buy inexpensive boxes at places like Home Depot that might do the job.

And the single best way to save: Do everything you can yourself.

"Label your boxes. Pack everything into a box. Stack things near exits," Lanier explained. "That makes it come in and out of the house quicker."

Finally, keep good records: You never know when you're going to need to file a claim, and you might be able to take a tax deduction.

Moving's a nightmare. Don't make it harder on yourself. Shop early, know what you're doing, read the fine print and roll up those sleeves.

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