Toledo woman being sued over Facebook comments

Toledo woman being sued over Facebook comments

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One Toledo woman is warning, Facebook users might want to think before they post after she is dealing with a three year lawsuit after comments on the social media site.

"I was stunned, I couldn't believe it was happening to me, and when it became apparent that it was going to be heard in Alabama, that was absolutely devastating," Liz Dickens who is being sued for her Facebook comments said.

March 19, 2015, Dickens got word of a lawsuit against her. Eight women in seven states listed as her co-defendants, she has only met one of them.

"I don't believe anything I said was wrong, I don't believe anything I said was defamatory, I have statements, I have documentation to back up the facts of what I said and why I said it," Dickens explained.

Her comments were regarding a fundraiser, and purchasing of dogs she didn't agree with.

"No profanity, I stuck to the facts, I definitely did have an opinion, which was my opinion," Dickens said.

The case was ordered to mediation in the fall of 2017.

After Dickens saw how mediation was going, and bills were racking up, she fired her attorney, and since, hasn't heard much from the court.

"The biggest thing is jurisdiction, can they really get jurisdiction over us," Dickens questioned. "And I think that is the scariest fact of all is they did get jurisdiction over us."

Whenever Dickens explains her story, she hopes it acts as a lesson for anyone to think before they post.

"I warn people, I try to tell everybody this could happen to you," Dickens said. "You definitely need to be very cautious about what you post on Facebook, but even being cautious I don't think is enough. I think if someone wants to sue you for something you said on Facebook they can look for just about any reason to do it."

Dickens says some of her co-defendants actually have received insurance coverage for this. Dickens and one other have Nationwide Insurance, and haven't received any coverage.

With crowd funding, and online fundraisers, Dickens hopes cases moving forward like this don't become an issue. She believes users should be able to comment if they don't agree with what's happening.

"There is always going to be bad that comes along with the good, you're going to have to take the criticism along with the praises," Dickens said.

When Dickens still had her lawyer, he told her the trial could start in the fall, would last a week and could cost her anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000.

An amount hasn't officially been declared in the lawsuit.

Dickens says the Washington Post is running a story in the future.

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