Family reaction from court room as verdict comes in for James Worley

Family reaction from court room as verdict comes in for James Worley
Sierah Joughin (Source: Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Family friends and so many more lined the court room looking for justice for Sierah Tuesday afternoon. Several of them wearing purple, her favorite color.

The room was a packed house, including law enforcement officers

As the verdict was read, tears fell on several faces.

Once the courtroom adjourned, many family members and friends were seen hugging each other and sighing a sense of relief as this trial has certainly been an emotional one for them all.

The family did share a brief statement. Speaking for Sierah' family was Howard Ice, her uncle.

He says it's been a long four weeks for this day.

"Having to sit through the detailed testimony, the piles of evidence and the learning of what this killer, and past violet offender, which is really important to us, past violent offender, did to our beautiful Sierah was gut-wrenching," Ice stated.

The family is heartbroken but is happy that there was a guilty verdict read.

They also wanted to say their thank you to law enforcement that have worked so hard on this case for the past two years.

However, they do want to mention that Worley was a past violent offender, which as Ice said, is very important to them.

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