The People vs. James Worley: Trial deliberation continues Tuesday

The People vs. James Worley: Trial deliberation continues Tuesday

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The loved ones of Sierah Joughin and the community await the verdict in the capital murder trial of James Worley. He's the man standing trial for the kidnapping and murder of Sierah.

Worley's fate is now in the hands of the jury.

The jury is sequestered Monday night at a hotel. They are under strict orders to not talk about the case or have contact with the outside world until they reach a verdict.

In its closing arguments, the prosecution reviewed key witness testimony and DNA evidence. That includes both Sierah's and Worley's blood found in the three crime scenes the prosecution identifies: The cornfield where she was attacked, the north barn where she was held captive and finally the cornfield where her body was buried.

"So, defendant takes Sierah to his barn. He dresses her up and ties her up and lives out his pornographic fantasy," Fulton County Prosecutor Scott Haselman described. "Then what does he do then? He murders her and tries to hide what he did."

But the defense is pleading with the jury to not buy the prosecution's version of what happened those days in July of 2016 when Sierah went missing. Why? Because of flaws, including an unidentified man's DNA found on Sierah.

And, the defense even bringing up something new: An eyewitness who allegedly saw another man near the same cornfield and time when Sierah disappeared.

"What does she see a few rows in the corn? A man in red shorts around that time, same area. A man in red shorts," Defense Attorney Merle Dech said. "What don't we have? We don't have red shorts for James Worley. It wasn't James Worley."

This trial has gripped, rattled and saddened a small close-knit community.

People here say they're anxious for a verdict.

"It's been going really fast, I've been checking on the news and everyone in here has been talking about it a lot, and we would just like to see justice be done," Christine Brick of Wauseon said. "So everybody can put it behind us and move on."

A verdict sealing Worley's fate but also giving this community healing.

The jury is back at 9 a.m. Tuesday to continue deliberating.

Stay with WTOL 11 as the jury continues it's deliberation.

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