The People vs. James Worley: Fulton County community's reaction to trial

The People vs. James Worley: Fulton County community's reaction to trial
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FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The community in Fulton County will have to wait a little longer for some finality in The People vs. James Worley, as the jury continues to deliberate.

Though this trial has been going on for weeks now, this entire incident has been unfolding for a year and a half after Sierra Joughin went missing in July of 2016.

And with the long process after Worley's attest leading up to this trial, folks from the community are ready to move on with their lives and begin the healing process.

"I'm hoping the evidence points them in the right direction and convicts him as guilty, and he gets what he deserves," Ken Moore of Wauseon said.

"It's been going really fast, I've been checking on the news and everyone in here has been talking about it a lot, and we would just like to see justice be done," Christine Brick of Wauseon explained. "So everybody can put it behind us and move on."

However, with so many charges to go through, the deliberation process for this Fulton County jury may take a while.

These Wauseon residents say they are hopeful the jury comes back with a guilty verdict.

Moore says he hopes, if what the prosecution says is true, that Worley gets the death penalty.

"The death penalty, because if he is convicted guilty, everything that he did to her, I just think that it's fair," Moore explained.

While Brick says she hopes this high profile case can help get Sierah's Law passed for a statewide violent offender registry.

"Just so stuff like this doesn't happen again, and people aren't afraid to go jogging or riding their bikes," Brick said.

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