Top things to know about The People vs. James Worley trial

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Family and friends of Sierah Joughin are expected to get answers this week as to what will become of her alleged killer James Worley.

Leading up to Monday, loved ones of Sierah had to relive her final moments in court.

Her boyfriend Josh Kolasinski was in tears as he recalled driving away on his motorcycle after Sierah assured him she would be okay getting home on her bike.

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Investigators determined the evidence of the crime was found in Worley's barn. Evidence that included lingerie with Sierah's blood on it.

Toledo Police Computer Crimes Unit also found a steady stream of porn on Worley's browsing history.

The coroner who performed the autopsy revealed Sierah died from being gagged with a dog toy that was shoved in her mouth. The coroner said Sierah was not sexually assaulted.

The jury also heard from a woman who testified that she was victim to similar crime at the hands of Worley.

Robin said Worley dragged her to his truck, put her inside and handcuffed her. She managed to escape Worley.

Monday, the jury heard closing arguments from both the state and the defense, along with instructions from the judge on the charges and how the deliberation process works.

There are 17 charges that the jury will need to deliberate to determine if Worley is guilty or not guilty on all counts.

Because there are so many charges, reaching a verdict may be a lengthy process. And because this is a capital case, the judge is taking every precaution possible, including sequestering the jury in a private room at a hotel if a verdict is not reached on Monday.

The jury will have to surrender their cell phones, have their luggage checked and will not be able to call home to ensure that they are not influenced by anyone while deliberating.

If a verdict is met Monday afternoon, it will not be necessary for the jury to check into the hotel.

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