Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: March 22, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - We often have elected officials on our program keeping us on the leading edge of issues that affect our lives.

We ask questions we know you'd like to ask and we push for answers. But this program we'll call "The Long Shots."

Our first two guests are not elected officials but want to be. They come from different political parties but, it appears, share some common gripes.

Both have built careers outside of politics but now seek elective office and each faces huge odds.

We thought it'd be interesting to probe their motives and get to know them.

Up first, we welcome Bob Kreienkamp, Republican, Wayne, Ohio.

He lives on a family farm there but career-wise, Kreinkamp worked in public television at Bowling Green's WBGU-TV.

Michael Galbraith is a Democrat running for Congress in a deeply red district.

His father was John Galbraith who served in the Ohio legislature for a couple of decades from Maumee.

This guest has never sough elective office, instead earning an advanced degree in business administration, starting and running his own investment company and teaching business and management in higher education at Bowling Green State University.

Don't you love older homes?  The character in their construction and design.

Now, we love new homes too: The freshness, the smell of a new home. But those older homes, and Toledo has lots of them, just tend to have features that you rarely see in new construction.

Plus, those older dwellings often have lead-paint issues, too.

By now you should know about the City of Toledo's efforts to abate lead paint and the serious health issues it poses to humans, especially kids. But that effort takes a lot of work and a lot of cash.

We sat down with Bonita Bonds, acting Director of the Department of Neighborhoods, and Jerry Culkowski, the Lead Program Manager for the department.

They bring news of a 2.9-million dollar federal grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to aid in the fight against lead paint hazards.

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