Farmers bring worn out tractor tires to recycling event

Farmers bring worn out tractor tires to recycling event
(Source: WTOL)
It was recycling day in Wood County on Friday, not for your run-of-the-mill pop cans and water bottles but for huge tractor tires.
It was a chance for farmers to help the environment and give their tires a second lease on life.
An Ohio EPA grant let farmers from across the area recycle their worn down tires for free.

Not only is it good for business, its good for the environment too.

"Its very important. You don't see the black smoke in the sky anymore at night because farmers are doing things the right way, said Bill Frankert, owner of Enviro-Tire.

The recycled tires will be ground down and turned into rubber pellets to be used for various surfaces.

"They will make mulch for playgrounds and mulch for underneath artificial football turf, said Frankert.

Recycling these tires does more than reduce air pollution. It helps keep us safe.

"The tires that lay around now, they collect water and mosquitoes breed and they spread diseases, said Frankert.

363 tires were collected on Friday, enough to fill 3 semi-trucks.


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