Defense rests its case in The People vs. James Worley

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Friday brings a big development in the trial of The People vs. James Worley.

The defense rested their case after calling only two witnesses to the stand.

This means all evidence and witness testimony has been presented to the jury from both Worley's attorneys and the state. Once the defense rested, the judge sent the jury home for the weekend so they can come back refreshed Monday and begin deliberating.

After the state rested its case earlier this week, the defense had a chance to present their case on Friday.

They called two witnesses, men who were both longtime friends of Worley.

They both testified about Worley's motorcycle.

The state is trying to prove it was Worley on his motorcycle who ran Sierah Joughin off the road. The defense is trying to prove to the jury that Worley's motorcycle was old and unreliable and broke down in the same cornfield where police believe Sierah was abducted from.

One of the witnesses said that although they tried to fix it, he and Worley were unable to fix it completely.

The defense also submitted one piece of evidence, a DVD with a full browser history from Worley's computer.

In the state's case, they focused on the porn sites Worley visited. The defense told the jury porn wasn't the only thing Worley looked at on his computer.

When asked by prosecuting attorney Scott Haselman if Worley watched bondage porn in his presence, the witness responded "once".

The jury will be back in the courtroom on Monday to hear closing arguments, receive instructions on the charges and deliberation and then will begin deliberating over the lunch hour.

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