Toledo veteran reaches $15K settlement with city after swatting incident

Toledo veteran reaches $15K settlement with city after swatting incident
Donald McGranahan

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo veteran was the victim of a swatting incident after a fake threat was called in to police, which eventually led the vet into suing the city for his destroyed property.

It was Labor Day 2015 and Donald McGranahan, a veteran who suffers from PTSD, was home. That's when McGranahan's peace was interrupted and SWAT members busted into his house and arrested him.

A 911 call stating that McGranahan shot someone and was holding a child hostage is what led police to his house. The problem was, that none of that was true.

"This was a complete waste of tax payer money," said McGranahan.

McGranahan was charged with inciting panic and obstructing official business. But those charges were dropped and when he went to pick up his confiscated weapons, he learned that they were destroyed.

When the police wouldn't pay up for damaged property, he called his lawyer Jerry Phillips. And nearly three years later, McGranahan secured a $15,000 settlement with the city of Toledo.

"The police is obligated to come out and check those things and I have no problem with what the police did, going in to the home, checking but when they found out that everything was fine. It was their action afterwards that caused grave concern," explained Phillips.

WTOL 11 contacted the city and was given a statement:

"This settlement puts to rest a regrettable situation. Both Mr. McGranahan and the city of Toledo police department were victims of a false 'swatting' call. Fortunately, no one was hurt."

"I believe that the laws need to be looked at in order to protect ordinary citizens from this happening to them," said McGranahan.

No one was ever arrested for the fake 911 call or the havoc which turned this veteran's life upside down.

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