Family dedicated to helping others, needs your help

Family dedicated to helping others, needs your help

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For close to seven years a Toledo family has been serving tirelessly to families affected by cancer.

Lisa and Kenny have devoted their lives to Nightingales Harvest, which is a non-profit that helps get food and resources to cancer families.

But now they need help.

"What Kenny and she do, nobody else in this area does," said Kathy Varga, a friend of the family and volunteer.

"She deserves any kind of hand out. As much as she does for the community, as much as she does, not only for the patients but for their family," said Sean Hall, a former client of Nightingale's and now a friend of Lisa and Kenny.

Lisa and Kenny started Nightingales Harvest, a cancer family pantry and resource center in 2011. The same year Sean was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma, a brain cancer. He was given three to six months to live and needed help for his young family.

"With the cancer and everything, you know the surgeries I just couldn't work no more so I just needed the help and from that I went there, and they were very welcoming, and they were super nice and it was able to just help me in a time of crisis," Sean explained.

While his cancer isn't gone, Sean credits the help and support he got as to why he can continue to fight his cancer seven years later. And Sean is just one of the thousands Kenny and Lisa's pantry helps, but now they need some help.

Kenny has diabetes and just last week had part of his leg amputated because of medical complications. The family is using all their finances to pay medical bills but cannot afford to make their home handicap accessible. They are hoping to raise more than 10,000 dollars after getting estimates for the work that needs to be done within the coming weeks.

"Everything that Lisa has went into Nightingales. They don't have any savings because she serves her cancer families and that's what comes first," explained Kathy. "If you just knew how much they have given to others, this is just a small thing we're asking to give back to them."

Organizers of the grassroots fundraiser say big or small and donation will help the family and that's evident in those who have already given to the family.

"He gave, one of our volunteers, a dollar to put into the fund because that's all he could afford," said Kathy. "He gave us a dollar because he wants to help Kenny and Lisa."

While Kenny is recovering at a rehab facility, he can't return to the family's home until repairs are made. Volunteers at the pantry have organized a go fund me and bank account to help build a ramp on their home that will outfit a handicap accessible bathroom and bedroom.

"There's an immediate need here right now. We need the money now so that we can get the repairs done so he can come home," said Kathy.

"She's a great person, her husband is a great person, they volunteer, they do everything for the community, they are always there for people. You know why wouldn't you help someone out that helps everybody else out," Sean said.

Anyone that wants to help Kenny and Lisa with donations can do so here or can make a donation at any Huntington Bank to the account 02471257286.

Please make check out to Kathy Varga, family friend and organizer of the fundraiser.

If you want to learn more about Nightingales Harvest, donate to the pantry or volunteer you can learn more visit their website here.

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