Heavy snow Wednesday morning south of Toledo area

Heavy snow Wednesday morning south of Toledo area
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WYANDOT COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - It was relatively dry across our viewing area, but in our extreme southern counties the scene was quite snow covered Wednesday morning.

Though Wednesday is the first full day of spring, if you look around down in Wyandot County, you would be hard pressed to think it was anything but winter.

Some drivers up near Upper Sandusky say they are ready for spring to finally begin.

For us in northwest Ohio, the white scene, though unwelcome, is nothing new. But for some travelers along U.S. 23, such as a group from Canada, they say they thought that the farther south they traveled, the less snow they would see.

"We weren't expecting it. We're traveling down to North Carolina to get away from the cold in Canada," Todd Babula said. "But, it's not sticking to the roads, so we're happy with that, the roads are good. But, I am done with winter."

Warmer road temperatures helped the Ohio Department of Transportation keep the roads in good shape Wednesday. But the salty water kicked up by tires made visibility difficult.

For people like Tom Harmon from Louisiana, this weather is overstaying its welcome.

"We're not accustomed to this down in the southwest," Harmon said. "Man, I've had enough. We've been up here for five weeks working and the cold is just extreme. So, we fly back tomorrow and get back down to some 80 degree weather, I'm ready for that."

Sure, good for you Tom, go enjoy that 80 degree Louisiana weather.

We in Ohio will probably have to wait until mid to late April for spring to finally show up.

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