State calls last witness in The People vs. James Worley

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - After calling witnesses for more than a week, the state has rested their case in the trial of The People vs. James Worley.

The state called one final witness on Wednesday, a witness that could help prove Worley's guilt.

The witness was Robin, a woman who told the jury that she was the victim of a similar crime decades ago at the hands of Worley. The only difference, she got away.

Robin told the jury she was riding her bike through Whitehouse in 1990 when Worley hit her with his pickup truck and tired to abduct her.

"He said, 'get in the truck or I will kill you' and I didn't fight but I struggled to get away, I begged to get away," Robin said.

The police reports document an attempted abduction, and lines up with how she told the jury she was able to run away for help.

"He kept dragging me to the truck and I kept screaming and begging to get away.He finally got me to the truck, opened the passenger side, pushed me in and opened the glove box and there were handcuffs inside," Robin told the jurors.

Robin remembers fighting off Worley as he tried to handcuff her inside the truck, but she told the jury she escaped out the driver side door.

"I saw a guy on a motorcycle and I told him, 'help me, this guy is going to kill me' and he didn't know what was happening," Robin described. "I showed 
him the handcuffs and my bike in the ditch and the handcuffs still attached to wrist."

The woman was in her 20s at the time of the crime, around the same age as Sierah Joughin when she was kidnapped.

The judge told the jury this witness' testimony was not to be used for them to think if Worley did this once he could do it again. But the testimony should be used only to show the jury this abduction form the past and Sierah's abduction fit the same scheme or design.

In trials, the state is not allowed to tell jurors if the defendant was involved or charged in other crimes, but they used this witness to show that the way Worley tried to abduct this woman back in 1990 fits the same design he used to kidnap Sierah.

This case will wrap up on Friday and the jury will begin deliberating Monday. Once that deliberation begins they will be sequestered at a local hotel, TV's and radios have been removed, no phones allowed and their bags will be searched.

Its all outlined in this memo they received Wednesday so they know what to expect. It is all to ensure they are not influenced by anyone as they try to reach a verdict.

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