High winds off of Lake Erie close E. Bayshore Rd. in Marblehead

High winds off of Lake Erie close E. Bayshore Rd. in Marblehead
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MARBLEHEAD, OH (WTOL) - As high winds continued to rush in off of Lake Erie Tuesday, the eastern edge of the Marblehead Peninsula took the brunt of the force.

Waves reminiscent of an Atlantic nor'easter crashed ashore, pushing water, trees and rocks onto East Bayshore Road.

"And once in a while, and if you get a three day-er, that's when they're the worst," Sandusky resident Jeff Nielsen said.

On Monday, the Marblehead Police Department had announced they were closing the stretch of roads south of the Marblehead lighthouse.

The Ohio Department of Transportation crews had recently repaired some erosion under the roadway and residents in the area are worried the damage could return.

"There, the road is already receding right here," Property Manager of Lake Point Motel Amy Fuller explained. "So yeah, this is the worst it's been in 15 years is what the police chief told us."

Those who have lived in this area for years know this kind of wind can be expected every once in a while.

But with more developments built along the lake shore, the danger of property damage is a real worry, which is why the village does not want too many people on this road until the weather settles down.

"Some of these houses were never here, and that's because of these high lake levels," Nielsen said. "And when you get these three day gales in the spring like this, the water can rise so much in the western Basin."

According to the Marblehead Police Department Facebook post, the road could be opened again Wednesday.

But the streets supervisor for the Village of Marblehead says it is completely up to the wind.

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