The Toledo Zoo welcomes new Andean bear

The Toledo Zoo welcomes new Andean bear
(Source: The Toledo Zoo)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Zoo is welcoming their newest resident: Nieve, the Andean bear!

Nieve, which means snow in Spanish, was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago on Nov 28, 1988, making her the oldest female Andean bear in the world, according to zoological software.

Nieve made her exhibit debut Tuesday and is expected to be on exhibit daily throughout the entire year.

As Nieve is the oldest female Andean bear on record, she is receiving specialized geriatric care at the Toledo Zoo, such as extra padding in sleeping areas, a daily regimen of joint health supplements and soft, easy to chew treats.

Nieve will reside in the former sloth bear exhibit, which was vacated when Kara, the Sloth bear, was recommended by the Species Survival Plan to move to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium for companionship and possible future breeding.

Andean bears, or Tremarctos ornatus, are listed Vulnerable with decreasing populations.

It is estimated that 95 percent of the Andean bear's native habitat has been destroyed or fragmented due to logging and agriculture. Other threats facing Andean bears include human bear conflict and poaching for trophy hunting or use in traditional Chinese medicine.

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