Day of Miracles: Daron's fight

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When you think of kidney failure, you probably don't picture a young vibrant 15-year-old smiling getting dialysis. However, that's the case for one young man, Daron, who has been visiting Mercy Health Children's Hospital for treatment.

Kimberly Kelly, Daron's Dialysis Technician, explains the boy he sees getting treatment each week.

"He's been through a lot," Kelly explained. "He's a good kid. So deserving of a kidney, he's been through so much."

Kelly describes that Daron's kidneys don't function properly. His kidneys don't excrete what he eats which prevents him from enjoying a diet, we may take for granted.

"I can't really do everything the other kids do and that really hurts," Daron admits. "Sometimes I cry about that."

As Daron patiently awaits his new kidney, he visits Mercy St. Vincent Children's Hospital three times a week to undergo treatment. Kelly believes this treatment is critical for Daron's health.

"I mean, your kidneys filter your blood, they take care of those toxins that build up that your kidneys can't excrete with the filters in your kidneys and without dialysis he would die, he has to have it," Kelly explained.

Despite dialysis being a grueling process, Daron says he feels a difference in his body since starting treatment.

"I'm healthier than I was before I was on dialysis," Daron said. "I just pray to God this will all go away and I'll get the kidney."

Recently, Daron was approved to be on the kidney transplant list.

He's been waiting for this for a long time. He says he wants a normal life, and to come back to see his friends here at Mercy Health, but to do it instead during "visiting" hours.

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