Mother of arson suspect says daughter is not to blame

Mother of arson suspect says daughter is not to blame
(Source: LCCC Booking Summary)
(Source: LCCC Booking Summary)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The mother of an arson suspect spoke out Monday.

"I don't care what anybody says. My daughter is not the type of person to do arson," said Jenny Stevens, the mother of Nicole Clark.

Nicole Clark and her husband Andrew Clark were charged with aggravated arson for starting a house fire on Sherman and Chestnut Street in north Toledo over the weekend.

But Stevens says, all eyes should be on Andrew.

"Hopefully the investigation goes more toward Andrew because like I said he's the type of person that would do something. He would do something like this. Not Nicole," said Stevens.

Nicole and her husband were arraigned Monday morning Toledo Municipal court and charged.

Toledo police arrested the couple Sunday morning, in the am neighborhood where Toledo Firefighters have battled seven vacant house fires within the last the 30 days.

"We're looking to see if there is any link and we'll see where it gets us. It affects all of those people in that neighborhood," said Chief Luis Santiago, with TFD.

Stevens believes Andrew may have set the fire on Sherman street to get back at her daughter for leaving him.

"Retaliation against my daughter because now my daughter is in trouble for what he has done," said Stevens.

Toledo Fire Investigators and Toledo Police said, regardless of the motive they will work to prosecute those responsible.

"Seven to ten times that our people have been put in harm's way. We've been taking this arson issue in Toledo very seriously here for the past several years," said Chief Santiago.

Chief Santiago and Toledo Police Chief George Kral said they also want folks to know they're doing all they can to keep neighborhoods safe.

"It's our job that when we see a crime trend like this. These arsons, I think as Chief Santiago said, it is going to send a trickle down affect that the partnership between the fire department and the police department is working, and they may want to think twice about breaking any laws this way," said Chief Kral.

Nicole and Andrew Clark are held on a $125,000 bond. Their next court date is March 27.

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