UT senior celebrates graduation with sick grandfather

UT senior celebrates graduation with sick grandfather
(Source: Jordan Shanks)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A University of Toledo senior has just one wish before she finishes college, that her sick grandfather will be able to see her graduate. Little did she know, her wish came earlier than expected.

23-year-old Jordan Shanks' grandfather, Jim Shanks, has been her biggest supporter since day one. She calls him her spiritual teacher, her friend, her backbone.

"Being the youngest grandchild I got a little more attention," Jordan said.

But recently, her grandfather has been having more bad days then good ones. He started getting sicker around Christmas time, with 10 percent of his heart left, he suffers from kidney failure.

Jordan's only wish is that he will live to see her graduate.

"I've been saying this since forever," she said.

But on Friday, she got an unexpected surprise. What Jordan thought was a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, turned out to be something even more special, a graduation right at the hospital.

"My sneaky boyfriend just emailed the President of the University of Toledo and, like I said, on Friday she emailed back in 20 minutes," Jordan explained. "She ended up coming on Friday and just surprising me."

80-year-old Jim was able to see his granddaughter all dressed up, cap and gown, with diploma in hand. Jordan says hands down, it was a dream come true for her and of course for her grandfather, too.

"I was elated," Jim described.

Jordan will be the first grandchild in her family to graduate from college. She wants to be a teacher, having already learned from the best.

"She's a smart kid," Jim said.

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