Money Talks News: Using a drone to make money

Money Talks News: Using a drone to make money
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Money Talks News - It is great to have a hobby. Even better? Having a hobby that can make money on the side.

"I started with the drone, it was a feature film," Drone Pilot Don Gottlieb of said. "That was the first one, then the next was some real estate jobs and a lot of multi-million dollar yacht jobs, weddings."

While Drones are no longer the novelty they once were, there's still a demand for expert operators. Example: Gottlieb uses drones to capture aerial video of just about anything you can imagine. And he makes money doing it.

"I have a minimum of $350 for a two hour minimum," Gottlieb said.

If you have not tried flying a drone, you probably should. They are sort of fun. And if you get really good at it, and you have got some spare time, you might also find it lucrative.

The first step toward monetizing this hobby? Getting a permit from the FAA. You cannot legally use a drone commercially without one. But once you have it, the sky is the limit.

There are many things you can do. You could create a drone video and monetize it with advertising, it could be used for a news gathering or traditional things like parties, weddings and real estate.

Too complicated? There is also a simple way to pay for your drone: Rent it out to other people when you are not using it through a peer-to-peer rental site.

For every hobby, there is a potential income stream, and drones are no exception.

If you want your part-time income to take off, you can learn more by visiting the Money Talks News website and searching for "drones."

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