Woman arrested again for keeping several animals in poor conditions

Woman arrested again for keeping several animals in poor conditions

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (WTOL) - A Lenawee County woman is back in hot water after violating the conditions of her bond.

The Lenawee County Sheriff's Office say they acted on tips alleging that Sharon Kay Evans was housing numerous dogs at her home on Shepherd Road.

Evans was arrested in January for housing more than 200 animals in poor conditions at her home. Police say Evans was running a kennel with a valid license, but that license only allowed her to possess up to 75 dogs.

She was released on bond with the provision that she could not possess any animals during the court proceedings, with the exception of one farm dog.

On March 16, investigators from the sheriff's office executed a search warrant at Evans' home after hearing numerous barking dogs inside the home and no one answering the door.

Police say 14 dogs were located inside the house as well as in the kennel barn on the property, where five puppies were being kept in pens. Police also discovered numerous cats, turkeys, a peacock and a parrot.

Investigators say the animals were being kept in very poor condition. The sheriff's office was assisted by the Lenawee County Humane Society.

Police arrested Evans for violation of a conditional bond. She plead not guilty in court on Monday.

Evans is being held in the Lenawee County Jail without bond. She will appear in court for a hearing on March 29.

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