Busy night for police, troopers, deputies on Friday before St. Patrick's Day

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With so many out drinking on the Friday night before St. Patrick's Day, there are several checkpoints set up around the area.

While the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Lucas County Sheriff's Department are doing this, Toledo Police are patrolling downtown.

"We have extra patrols this weekend specifically set aside for the downtown area," said Sgt. Kelly Jordan-Tsou, with Toledo Police.

A busy night downtown all for St. Patrick's Day.

While the fun's gets underway, police want revelers to be prepared and plan a ride so they don't have to pick you up.

"Usually an increase in OVIs, people getting behind the wheel. We've got to make sure that everybody that is coming down here is being responsible for their safety and everyone else's on the roadway," said Tsou.

Kelly and Bryan Milligan say they already made arrangements to stay safe while out.

"We got a hotel here in town and we're staying the night," said Kelly.

This is the first St. Patrick's day where the Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) has been an option. Police suggest you know your boundaries before you go out to avoid confusion.

"I don't think we're anticipating any problems with it. We've had pretty good results with it so far and everybody has been pretty good about following the rules with the DORA program," said Tsou.

Police say there is an increase in both foot and car patrols to ensure everyone can celebrate the holiday safely.

Troopers say checkpoints are not meant to trick anyone, but let people know they are watching to keep others safe.

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