Bowling Green working to upgrade filtration system at water treatment center

Bowling Green working to upgrade filtration system at water treatment center
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Big changes are coming to the Bowling Green Water Treatment plant, thanks in part to an Ohio EPA program.

Built in the 1950's and upgraded decades later, the filtration system at the Bowling Green water treatment center is practically the same as it has been for nearly 70 years.

The city now wants to upgrade the six rapid sand filters with a modern air scourer.

When the algae and other sediment the sand filters out gets built up, the filters need to be shut down and cleaned with a backwash procedure. The new air scourer will help get the sand more clean, and in a shorter period of time.

"Because we can use the air to agitate the sand, the sand will get cleaner in less time.So it will be able to get the filters back online in a more rapid time," said Brian O'Connell, the Utilities Director of Bowling Green.

The project came in around $2.1 million with additional funds tacked on for engineering. The city then filed for and received a $2.56 million interest free loan from the Ohio EPA. That means the city, which was going to perform the upgrades anyway, will be saving an estimate $889,000

"Anytime you can get a zero percent loan for a construction project that basically costs $2 million, that's a great thing for your community,"

Now, because they can't shut down all of the filters at the same time, this upgrade process is expected to take a little over a year, with an estimated completion date around mid June 2019.

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