Toledo mother reacts to clemency granted for daughter's killer

Toledo mother reacts to clemency granted for daughter's killer
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo woman is heartbroken about a Friday ruling from the Ohio Parole Board.

It recommended the man sentenced to death for murdering her daughter to be spared next month from execution.

William Montgomery is scheduled to die by lethal injection on April 11th. But the board ruled 6-4 to recommend clemency to Ohio Governor John Kasich who has a final say on the ruling.

"I'm hoping in my mind that God will help us. I want him to help us. I believe in lethal injection. An eye for an eye" said Jane Ogle.

The case involves the murder  of her daughter Debra, a 20-yea- old young woman who graduated from Rogers High School. She was working three jobs and was getting to enroll at the University of Toledo.

Montgomery has been sitting on death row for 31 years after being convicted in Lucas County Common Pleas Court for committing two murders. All this time Montgomery has maintained his innocence.

"My daughter has been gone. I go to the cemetery. His family sees him all the time that he paid his dues. Eye for an eye," said Jane.

Montgomery was found guilty of killing Hill Avenue roommates Debra Ogle and Cynthia Tincher in 1986,

For the Ogle case Montgomery was sentenced to death.

"I will be there. My whole family will be there. I want to see him die" says Jane Ogle.

But that might not happen now.

Lawyers for Montgomery told the board evidence withheld from his defense team at trial raised doubt about his guilt.

The majority of the board agreed, claiming there was too much doubt as well as uncertainty about the case.

Jane was stunned that members were recommending to Kasich to commute Montgomery's death sentence to life without the possibility of parole.

"I have to accept there's nothing I can do. But at least I don't ever have to worry about any more reprieves,"sad Jane.

She also hopes that the Ohio Governor disagrees with the board recommendation.

"The man can give lethal injections. He can. And I'm hoping he will," said Jane.

Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates issued a short statement about the ruling.

"It is what it is. It's now up to the governor" she said.

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