Trial of The People vs. James Worley moving more quickly than expected.

Trial of The People vs. James Worley moving more quickly than expected.
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FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Although it seemed like a long week of witness testimony in The People vs. James Worley, those involved with the case learned Friday that testimony is going much faster than both sides anticipated.

The State should rest their case by mid-week next week. The defense will then take over and the jury should be able to begin deliberating the following Monday.

During day 10 on Friday, two witnesses were called to the stand. Both used technology and science to help prove their case.

First a member of the FBI who analyzed James Worley's flip phone data as well as Sierah Joughin's smart phone data. His analysis showed that their phones were near each other the night Sierah went missing for over an hour.

"These phones were in the general area of each other. These spreadsheets don't show exact location, but I can tell you these two phones on two different networks were in the same general area at the same general time," explained Joseph Jensen with the FBI.

An investigator for Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigation took to the stand next.

She was responsible for testing several items police collected for blood and semen from Worley's property and the farm field where Sierah went missing.

Several of the items police submitted did test positive for bodily fluid including a motorcycle helmet that tested positive for human blood.

At this time the jury does not know if that blood was of Sierah or James Worley. Another member of BCI will testify to those results.

The jury is not being sequestered in this case now. But according to court documents, once they begin deliberating they may have to spend a night in a local hotel until they reach their verdict.

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