Opioid prevention panel meet in Wood County

Opioid prevention panel meet in Wood County
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WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - There's an opioid crisis in Wood County. That's why a prevention panel was called Thursday night by the Prosecutors Office and Perrysburg Schools.

"Here we've noticed grandparents raising grandchildren because of this. We have students with older brothers and sisters dealing with that. It's something that we can feel on multiple levels here" according to District Superintendent Tom Hosler.

And it's happening in rural and urban areas no matter race or income.

It starts with prescription drugs and leads to heroin.

In 2016 1 2people in Wood County died from overdoses.

"And you'd think a doctor isn't going to negatively impact your future. But the fact that there are many doctors out there who prescribe medication not recognizing the addiction to them can take place quickly," said FBI Special Agent Erin Marciniak.

Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson said one way to keep family or friends from getting hooked is to empty out your medicine chest of unused prescription drugs.

Any law enforcement agency will accept them.

"The heroin industry is a business. They want to stop what we're trying to do. They want to keep people addicted. We want to keep vigilant  on that," said Dobson.

It's hoped that the conversation doesn't stop after Thursday evening.

Information on opioid use will continue to be presented on a regular basis so folks in Wood County will continue talking about it.

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