Halfway through state witnesses in The People vs. James Worley

Halfway through state witnesses in The People vs. James Worley

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Court was not in session until 1 p.m. Thursday for the trail of The People vs. James Worley.

That's when the first witness were called for the stand to begin Day 4 of the trial.

So far It's been a difficult week, not only for Sierah Joughin's family but also for jurors listening to testimony and viewing images  for the past three days presented by the state all to prove James Worley is guilty of the crime.

Sierah's boyfriend, Josh Kolasinski and her mother, Shelia Vaculik, explained to the jury about not being able to get in touch with Sierah after her bike ride home from her boyfriend's home.

"I did notice her light wasn't on which strikes me now as very odd but i thought maybe she was tired form the bike ride or had to get up early to workout or go to work," said Shelia .

Members of the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, as well as investigators from the Bureau of Criminal investigation, testified to finding the corn field Sierah was abducted from. The jury was shown the blood stained evidence collected, like Sierah's sock and bike.

The jury then learned it was a volunteer member of a search team who found Sierah's grave in another corn field. And images of how Sierah was found in that grave brought one BCI investigator to tears.

"She had straw in her hair. She had a brazier, lace colored brazier, handcuffs a rope and adult diaper," the BCI investigator explained.

The state linked that adult diaper, along with other items found in Sierah's grave, back to Worley.

Investigators testified to finding similar items like those diapers, tube socks, lacy undergarments and bondage items in a green tube in one of Worley's barns.

But while these items, along with a long list of pornographic movies found on Worley's computer were entered into evidence, the defense painted a different picture of the defendant.

Worley's long time friend testified Worley was interested in setting up a porn studio to generate money.

"So he was going to run it as an LLC, something like that. Run it as a business or hobby," said Merle Dech, Worley's attorney.

The defense also made a case that the porn sites flagged by the state on Worley's browser, was just a small portion of his online activity.

Some of the witnesses who have yet to testify are Mark Worley, James Worley's brother, and the coroner who performed Sierah Joughin's autopsy.

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