Wood County license plate fee increase

Wood County license plate fee increase
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WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Drivers should get ready to pay more money when they head to the BMV in Wood County.

In Wood County, a $5 fee may be added to the price of license plates to help pay for county road and bridge repairs. Approval has been passed through the Ohio Senate, and if county commissioners pass a resolution, the fee will start being charged next January.

John Musteric, County Engineer for Wood County explained the rocky road the county is facing when it comes to funding these repairs.

"441 bridges we have. 245 county, miles of county roads, and if we do about five bridges a year, try to, and if you do the math, that means once every 90 years our bridges are going to get rehabilitated or brand new, and so far, we're behind that," Musteric said.

The county receives gr ant money from the County Engineer's Association and The Ohio Public Works Association, but they have to compete hard to get that money and it isn't nearly enough.

For Wood County, this is expected to generate about  $700,000 to $800,000  per year.

Brian McLear lives in Perrysburg and supports the initiative, as long as it is properly executed.

"Honestly, that doesn't sound like a bad idea as long as the money does get put towards the roads. I mean, Wood County doesn't necessarily have terrible potholes, but they could be fixed. So, I think it's not too bad of an idea," said McLear.

Other permissive license plate fees are currently charged, up to $20, that go to the county as well as municipalities and townships depending on where someone lives.

Some money also comes from the gas tax, but that hasn't gone up since 2006, despite every state that surrounds Ohio is raising taxes.

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