Hospice adoptions available for 2 sick dogs at Toledo Area Humane Society

Hospice adoptions available for 2 sick dogs at Toledo Area Humane Society
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Area Humane Society has two special dogs up for adoption and it is going to take an extra loving home to take them on.

A standard adoption at the Toledo Area Humane Society ends up with a cute puppy, or possibly an older dog connecting with a new owner.

Currently, the humane society has two dogs that are rather special.

First, there is Lola, a seven-year-old German Shepherd mix with breast cancer. The humane society was able to remove the cancer masses, but it is almost guaranteed to return.

There's also Harley, an unknown breed around 11 years old who is in the early stages of kidney disease.

Both dogs are referred to as Hospice adoptions, pets with a limited amount of time left.

However, the Toledo Area Humane Society gets a Hospice adoption every few months and believe there is someone in the area with a big enough heart to take in these animals and give them a happy, comfortable home.

"And they were both strays. One came from our local dog warden, the other came from Tennessee," Vice President of Operations at the Toledo Area Humane Society Kelly Sears said. "But yes, they're lovely dogs. They're already trained, they walk well on a leash and they just basically just want a place to hang out and be loved on."

During St. Patrick's Day weekend, if you adopt a dog from the Toledo Area Humane Society, you will have an opportunity to pull a gold coin out of a pot that will give you a percent off of your adoption fee.

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