The People vs. James Worley: Crime scene investigators take the stand

The People vs. James Worley: Crime scene investigators take the stand

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Crime scene investigators continue to take the witness stand in the trial of The People vs. James Worley.

Two barns, a workshop, two trucks and a home, all on James Worley's property were all searched by members of law enforcement after Sierah Joughin went missing.

Agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, who gathered evidence and tested DNA in this case, walked the jury through that process and explained what they took from James Worley's property.

The scene was described as a full fledged search with 30 to 40 investigators searching every area and collecting hundreds of pieces of evidence investigators felt could prove James Worley's guilt in the kidnapping of Sierah.

Testimony and evidence centered around what was found in the north barn, one of two barns on Worley's property. Investigators found a green bin and shared with the jury what was inside.

Investigators testified that Worley became upset when agents found the bin and viewed the bondage items inside along with adult diapers, white tube socks and a lacy tube top. All items similar to what Sierah was wearing when investigators found her body.

Ball gags were also found inside the bin.

Other items like rope, duct tape and zip ties, Sierah was either tied up with or were collected from other places on Worley's property, were also talked about.

Jurors also learned a large deep freeze freezer found under the floor boards of the barn. An investigator testified to testing for DNA inside.

"It was lined with carpet so i took a swab," said Dave Horn with BCI.

The state then asked Horn if  he noticed a smell in the barn.

"Yeah like decomposition," replied Horn.

The state also asked if Horn smelled bleach. Horn said no.

The same investigators that collected evidence on Worley's farm, were the same team to assist in removing Sierah's body from a shallow grave in a corn field. Dave Hammond with BCI explained the measures taken to preserve all evidence.

"We started with sporks and were taking off one layer of dirt at a time to recover one layer of dirt at a time and all the evidence and at time we were using out gloved hands to scrape dirt because that was the least invasive destructive way we could use to discover," said Hammond.

A long time friend of James Worley also took the stand Wednesday. He testified to hanging out with Worley at his home and barns.

He explained that Worley was his elderly mother's caretaker and also watched out for his brother on the farm. The friend also told the jury he and Worley would smoke marijuana together and watch porn.

The friend was then questioned about Worley's interest in starting a porn studio in his barn.

"When you said Mr. Worley talked about producing pornography, he didn't say he wanted to star in it?" asked Worley's attorney Merle Dech.

Throughout the testimony, Sierah's mother and other family members sit in the front row at the trial, with others scattered throughout the courtroom. Some were seen getting emotional, while many wore purple in support of Sierah, as we're told it was her favorite color.

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