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Geomagnetic Storm Watch: What You Need to Know!

The Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a Geomagnetic Storm Watch for March 15th. But what does that even mean? 

A Geomagnetic Storm is a disturbance in the earth's normal magnetic field. This storm is caused by active solar storms, or sun flares that can interact with and impact the earths magnetosphere. These impacts can range from power grid fluctuations and outages, satellite interference, and even intensification of the Northern Lights. 

This week's potential storm is only forecasted to be a G1 Minor Storm with limited power grid fluctuations, minor impacts on satellite function and the potential of visible Northern Lights in the northern UP and much of Canada. 

As of March 15th there are no current solar storms or sun flares and no active geomagnetic storms. Latest details to these storms will be updated here. 

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