Cleveland police officers reprimanded for two separate cases

Cleveland police officers reprimanded for two separate cases
(Source: RNN)

CLEVELAND, OH (WTOL) - Five Cleveland police officers have been reprimanded in two separate cases.

Tanisha Anderson died, while in police custody, after officers were called to help her, during a mental health episode.

Officer Scott Aldridge, was suspended for 10 days without pay, and officer Bryan Myers, was issued a written warning.

Family members say the officers pinned and handcuffed the woman during her bipolar episode and she later died.

Plus, two officers were demoted, and one was suspended, because 60 reports of sex crimes, were not fully investigated for years.

Chief Calvin Williams of the Cleveland Police Department called the investigation into the sex crimes unit, an "on-going process."

While he would not elaborate, Chief Williams said, the discipline handed down is quote: "not the end of it, and there is a series of events that could happen in the future, with these cases."

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