Day two of testimony continues in The People vs. James Worley

Day two of testimony continues in The People vs. James Worley

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A second day of testimony continued Tuesday in The People vs. James Worley.

The State is made their way through the nearly four dozen witnesses they plan to call to the stand along with the nearly 400 pieces of evidence. Most of the potential witnesses are members of law enforcement and crime scene investigators. They are presenting evidence that the state hopes will prove their case.

This case has three crime scenes. The corn field where police say Sierah Joughin was kidnapped. The barn on James Worley's property where investigators believe Sierah was held, and finally the corn field where her body was found. Those three locations and the evidence found was today's focus.

The field police say Sierah Joughin was abducted from and the field she was buried in. Jurors saw dozens of pictures showing them what investigators found when they responded to those crime scenes.

One witness described the different items that were gathered and pictures that were taken in the corn field where Sierah was abducted. From sunglasses Sierah was pictured wearing moments before she was kidnapped, to her bike and a bloody sock along with items that did not belong to her. Items like a motorcycle helmet and men sunglasses lead investigators to Worley's property.

Also in the field were corn stalks with fresh blood.

Inside Worley's home were boxes. An investigator described finding boxes of adult diapers that were possibly for Worley's elderly mother. But this testimony was important to the state's case after they mentioned in opening statements that Sierah was wearing a diaper when her body was found.

And besides the house, a barn was also searched.

Another witness, Fulton County Sheriff Sergeant Steven Waxler Jr., took the stand Tuesday, as well. He was part of a team of investigators who responded to Worley's property to gather evidence.

He described one of the barns there that was suspicious looking and one of the first places police gathered to search.

"The door had been broken down, windows blacked out and sprayfoam made it look like they didn't want anyone to see in or out," Sergeant Waxler Jr. described.

David Hammond, a BCI investigator who also who searched the barn on Worley's property and discovered items which are now evidence.

"He lifted the lid on the green crate and Mr. Worley got very upset with him and told him to close that and they he told us to all get out," said Hammond.

Outside the barn, evidence was also collected form Worley's red pickup truck.  A crime Scene investigators showed the jury large zip ties that were already fastened, mace, duct tape, rope and a ski mask all found inside.

Another man will take the stand Tuesday who took off of work to search for Sierah and actually was responsible for finding her burial sight. He will explain what he saw that forced him to get out of his car.

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