TPS leaders response to national walkout

TPS leaders response to national walkout
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - At 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, students across the country are planning a walkout lasting 17 minutes. A minute is for every life taken in the Parkland shooting.

In the Glass City, Toledo Public Schools is being proactive, planning activities for students during that time, talking about what is happening.

On Facebook, Toledo Public School leaders write:

"Age–appropriate activities have been distributed to teachers across the district. Elementary students will engage in activities that focus on inclusion and kindness. High school students will have group discussions about current topics and share their suggestions for how students can come together to make positive change in our community."

"For them to give them this outlet, I think that is amazing, you can't ask for any more than that from a school," said Gina Fielding, a TPS parent.

If students walk out of the school protesting gun violence, TPS leaders said they will direct them to an area where they can peacefully protest with an administrator present.

"By allowing students to voice their opinion without consequence but still having it done in a controlled manner is extremely important," said Linda Meyers, a Transformational Leader of Education for TPS.

Linda Meyers, a TPS leader said allowing students to have a voice is vital. She said she thinks this is the perfect demonstration of that.

Fielding, a mom of two kids in the district applauds district leaders. She said it's hard talking about this with your kids, but it's important to ask them if they feel safe.

"They understand a lot more than we think they do. They may not know about gun control, they may not know about exactly what it is they want done, what they do know is that they are scared," said Fielding.

Other local districts are also addressing the walkout. Perrysburg Schools sent an email home to parents saying students won't face any consequences as long as they remain under the code of conduct.

A counter movement, national school walk up, is asking for students to pay extra attention to students who seem like they need a friend.

Almost 3,000 protests across the country have been registered here.

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